Tour of Japanese traditional culture though active workshop (without lodging)

This tour let you experience Japanese traditional culture through active activities such as dance and archery, with the introduction of the story and background of culture.

[Learning Points]
1. Experience traditional culture firsthand with the professional teachers.
2. Learn the spirit of the active cultures and history.

Travel content

◎ Date All year excluded Monday
◎ Fee 42,000YEN
1. Transportation fee from the meeting point of first day to dismiss point of last day
2. Meal fee though the tour
3. Entrance fee
4. Workshop feeNOT included
1. Transportation fee (ticket, limited express ticket, flight ticket etc.) from the hotel to meeting point and from dismiss point to hotel
2. Meal fee, entrance fee and workshop fee etc. that are not in the tour
◎ Application deadline 21 days before the tour
◎ Organizer Ihatovtouhoku.Inc
◎Itinerary Day 1
9:00 AM Gather at Starbucks at ground floor of Sendai sation
Samurai workshop at Shiroishi-castle
Zao sake brewing
Japanese dance workshop at Hekisuien
17:00 Dismissal at Sendai Station
Day 2
9:00 AM Depature
Japanese Drum (Taigo) workshop at Sairi Old House
Japnese archery workshop at Takekoma Shrine
Kanehebisui Shrine
17:00 Dismissal at Sendai Station
◎ Others Travel planning :Ihatovtouhoku.Inc(岩手県知事登録2-233号)
Day 1: Breakfast X Lunch O Dinner X
Day 2: Breakfast X Lunch O Dinner XLodging
1. If want to stay Shiroishi one night at day 1, the extra charge is 7,000YEN.
1. If prefer the single room, the another extra charge is 3,000YEN.
Tour Conductor: None
English Guide:Accompany
Minimum number of participants: 6 persons

Please confirm the travel conditions first and then apply the tour. Generally, the tour will be proceeded with the itineray that decribed above, but depend on the situation, the itineray may be changed, please note that.

Travel conditions(Japanese)

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