Reception has been closed.〈募集終了〉~UTSUKUSHI Journey ~ Chartered Tour Train (外国人限定ツアー)

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For foreigners only


From the countryside to the sea,indulge in the scenic view of Tohoku`s Autumn!

Travel content

◎ Date 10/Nov/2019 (Sun)
◎ Fee

Limited time only! Free!!

◎ Venue Ichinoseki-Station to Kesennuma-Station
◎ The number of participants  20 persons
◎ Application deadline 08/Nov (Fri)
◎ Organizer Ihatovtouhoku.Inc
◎Event Schedule 13:00 Gather at Ichinoseki Station (Free bus tickets! Ichinoseki Station to and from Sendai Station)
13:30 UTSUKUSHI Journey ~ Chartered Tour Train to Kesennuma
17:30 Dismissal at Ichinoseki Station
◎ Other Travel planning :Ihatovtouhoku.Inc(岩手県知事登録2-233号)
Breakfast × Lunch × Dinner ×
Tour conductor:None
Minimum number of participants:5 persons
Travel conditions(Japanese)