UTSUKUSHI Trip Chartered Special Train

Utsukushi Trip

Utsukushi Trip Model Course


Sit back and relax on a local line from Hiraizumi Ichinoseki… The train is filled with lots of fun from the local and that includes the Night Cruising at Kesennuma Bay. We invite you on a journey to find the “Utsu-Kushi”.

UTSUKUSHI Trip Chartered Special Train

13:00 Reception(一BA)

13:30 一ノ関(ICHINOSEKI)

1. Welcome Drink
Murone wine and Sake (*Sake and wine types are subject to change each time)

14:04 猊鼻渓(GEIBIKEI)

2. Here we explain the history of the Ofunato Line and the geography of the area.

14:12 摺沢(SURISAWA)

3. Sample local fresh fruits and local treats. Of course, you can purchase it if you like it.

14:32/14:50 折壁(ORIKABE)

4. Local Mascot characters will also appear (* May be different from the mascot in the picture) Of course, you can also take pictures together.

15:05 気仙沼(KESENNUMA)

5. At the end you will be greeted by your arrival.

Night Cruising (from Kesennuma Port) – OPTION

Mochi-tsuki Performance – OPTION

Take a commemorative photo at Kesennuma Station!


Boarding date 15th Feb. 2020 – 13:00
20th Mar. 2020 – 13:00
26th Apr. 2020 – 13:00
9th May. 2020 – 13:00
13th Jun. 2020 – 13:00
12th Jul. 2020 – 13:00
Reception ICHIBA (Near from West exit of Ichinoseki Station )
Rail Route Departure: JR Ichinoseki Station (13:23)
Arrived: JR Kesennuma Station (15:05)
Price 3,000yen / person
  • Chartered Train
  • Guide(English, Chinese)
  • Tasting sale of sweets and fruits
  • Greeting with your local Yuru character
  • Meet at Kesennuma Station
  • Mochi-tsuki Performance
  • Karaoke
Organize Ihatov Tohoku Inc.