Private Tour Katsurao Village after Nuclear Accident Recovery-Guided Tour-

Damaged by the nuclear accident, the number of residents became zero for a while in Katsurao Village. This area used to be prosperous in agriculture and stockbreeding until the disaster occurred, but all failed due to the radioactive contamination.
Now that a decade has passed since the disaster, 400 residents have returned and successfully resumed farming and stock raising.

Keeping such stories in mind, you can make an experience of the real process in Katsurao Village from harvesting vegetables to checking radiation with a guide all through the course.
Interacting with local people, you will have warm relationship with them, which is not available in a city.

At the end of this tour, you will be an expert in knowing the recovery from the nuclear accident with correct knowledge of radiation and of the process of checking food safety.

◎ Date Reservation required
◎ Fee Adult:  2-2, ¥84,000 | 3-3, ¥102,000 | 4-4, ¥120,000 | 5-5, ¥138,000
◎ Application deadline 2 days before the tour
◎ Organizer Ihatovtouhoku.Inc
◎Itinerary KŌRIYAMA STATION, 195 Hiuchida, Koriyama, Fukushima 963-8003, Japan

Recovery from the nuclear accident

Day 1

Through real experience of radioactivity inspection and of harvesting local farming products, you can learn about correct knowledge of radiation and food safety and sense of security in Fukushima.
Interacting with local people, you can enjoy home-made local dishes used local ingredients and agricultural products you harvested by your own hands.

Option1: Dinner is possible to change to BBQ by adding 2000 yen per person
Option2: Experience of lookin at starry sky while making a small wood fire, which costs 4000 yen per group.

Enjoy BBQ with local vegetables including one harvested by yourself after checking their radiological safety.

Accomodation Exchange Center ‘Seseragi-so’

Day 2

Making local dishes with local ingredients

Interacting with those who live in a mountain valley, you can try making local dishes or ecofriendly craft. Such experience will make you better understand of Japanese culture, such as having warm relationship with local people.

Enjoy the taste of mother’s home cooking, common breakfast in this area.

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English Guide:Accompany
Please confirm the travel conditions first and then apply the tour. Generally, the tour will be proceeded with the itineray that decribed above, but depend on the situation, the itineray may be changed, please note that.Travel conditions(Japanese)


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